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Own Your Dream Home

Vridhi focuses on enabling target customers in the unserved and underserved category to fulfill their dreams of owning their own homes. With this major focus, Vridhi will initially have the following secured loan products in its portfolio

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Home Purchase

There are so many wonderful homes available throughout the country, ready to be sold. Through our home purchase loans, will enable you to buy your dream home anywhere in India.

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Home Construction

Constructing your own house is a daunting task. Apart from the various formalities involved, a lot of capital investment is required to build your dream home. Our loans will enable you to obtain the finances you need to construct your own house as per your tastes and preferences.

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Purchase of Land/Semi-Constructed Unit and Construction

Purchasing land is the fundamental step before constructing a house. Our loan options include financial assistance in the purchase of land as well as the completion of semi- constructed houses.

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Home Renovation of Existing Home

We know that a home is a reflection of your hard work and dedication. It needs care and regular renovation. That’s why we provide loans that assist you in repairing and maintaining your home.

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Home Expansion

Sometimes, you need some more space in your home to accommodate more family members or provide added comfort. From additional floors and rooms to an expansion of your hallway, our loans can help you expand your home so that you enjoy the added comforts of a bigger house.

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